“The Smart Mind” of the White House

The shadow man of Donald Trump electoral campaign, also its talented director, Jared Kushner, most known aide and son in law of president Donald Trump. President Trump could see first-handed what his son in law could accomplish, which he described as “fantastic”.
Son of a Hebrew family with much influence in New Jersey, known for philanthropic activity, graduated with excellent results in New York School of Law in 2007 (one of the most prestigious American institutes in the field), Jared Kushner married at young age with Ivanka Trump and now has three children.
His organizational and managerial skills, his affluent and calm style, extraordinary instinct, scientific knowledge of the reality in which he operates, the ability to know the interlocutor and his dialectic, skills that became visible during the positive turn of the complicated family affairs he was born into, were able to win the hearts of the Trump electoral campaign staff. The expert of this staff with a lot of well-educated people, Stephen Bannon dhe their chief Reince Priebus, insisted so that president Trump could bring Jared Kushner into the White House as the president’s advisor.
The situation was not easy in the legal point of view: the statute approved by the Congress in 1967 prohibits publik servants in the USA from working with relatives inside the agency they work for. But Kushner, a law graduate, knew how to interpret the law against nepotism.  After putting his entrepreneurs in the Blind Trust, to avoid the conflict of interest, Jared Kushner could get appointed as senior advisor of president Trump.
How could Trump, well-known in New York circles as a man who doesn’t trust easily, trust his son in law so much? Trust was not a gift the New York mogul gave to him. Jared Kushner, with his intelligent moves persuaded his father in law to trust him during the campaign. Much of the mediations with republican exponents, Trump’s adversaries, and their persuasion, are Jared Kushner’s achievements. Even the appointment of Mike Pence as vice president is his achievement.
A lot of investors got scared during the campaign from contradictory speech of Donald Trump in the electoral events. Kushner explained to them the meaning of “contradiction” in the media and explained  the essence of the philosophy after Donald Trump candidacy for president.
Imagine the day Trump was accused of anti-Semitism from the media which heavily supported Hillary Clinton. He had just posted a picture of the ex secretary of state with Israeli flag and the Star of David in the background. The end of the world! Trump apparently had taken off his mask and had revealed his true anti-Semite face!!!
But Trump did not hesitate, with his ironic smile against superficial media and their anti-Trump obsession, to declare before the media that “his daughter was bringing to life a Hebrew child”. Ivanka, married to Jared Kushner, has fully embraced his Jewish religion (her conversion to the Jewish religion was a long and difficult process).
A skyscraper build in the sand by Clinton’s supporters on “anti-Semitism of Donald Trump” was thus destroyed. This happed because his amazing son in law, Jared Kushner, knew the language, power and importance of the media. He was the owner of “New York Observer”, an influential weekly magazine in New York.
His eloquence, fine logic and style excelled during negotiations with the charismatic leader of the Republicans and the chairman of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, a former oppositionist of Donald Trump, because of his media statements during the campaign.
A young man, full of knowledge and refined like Jared Kushner, even though without any political experience in USA foreign policy, was the perfect choice to understand that the true treasure on which to build the new foreign policy of the USA was not the experience of Hillary Clinton or John Kerry, but the experience of ex secretary of state, Henry Kissinger.
Kushner’s conversations with the old wise man, can be read in the discussion of Trump in the American-Israeli Committee of Public Affairs, one of the most prestigious organizations for the cultivation of friendship and mutual interests.
Jared Kushner, as a resourceful and  persuasive interlocutor during the complicated phases of the process followed by Trump; even his reconciliation with Rupert Murdoch, Republican supporter, but against Trump at the time.
These mediations are not easy: after Murdoch lies an entire media and interest net. Those who know him closely, define Kushner as a “calming force”.
During the tiring electoral campaign, and now that Kushner continues to be one of the most trusted advisors of president Trump, his calm character is evident. He is an advisor that can make the president think and a resourceful mediator. Mediation with various fractions of the Jewish Community has not been easy, especially with the New York Community, known for their historical to the Democrats. But Jared, not only knows well their language and interests, but has the sane and powerful logic and avoids the distorted interpretation of things. He was able to persuade most of New York Jewish Community to support Trump unconditionally. And he did it!
New York was a big test for Jared Kushner’s life, a test that he passed brilliantly. When he was 23 years old and graduated from Harvard, he decided to leave New Jersey and move to New York. His family company, Kushner Companies, was in a difficult phase. He could either end up a winner, or a total failure! Kushner decided to risk it: he spent 7 billion dollars in the midst of 2008 crisis to buy different buildings in Manhattan, 666 on Fifth Avenue (his current office), for 1,8 billion dollars, the most ever spent to buy a single building in Manhattan.
This transaction was not easy. The price was too high in the market. But the banks trusted him and the big real estate funds were waiting for his bankruptcy. But Kushner was able to successfully negotiate without a lawyer with all the parties. This made his well-known in all the high circles of New York as the man who need only a handshake to strike a deal.
In this building, a few steps away from the Trump Tower, lies his private office.
Now, Jared Kushner has let the personal affairs to the side and is assisting president Trump in his policy-making. He was trusted, among other things, with difficult negotiations of Israeli-Palestine peace process. A difficult task, especially for a mediator with Jewish descent. His appointment in this position has raised many debates and reactions, especially in Palestinian territory.
Those who know the Jewish Orthodox world do not think that Kushner in one-sided in these negotiations. Those who know him, as the child of a family that survived the Nazi during the Holocaust, as a man who knows the ancient history of judaic-arab relations, firmly believe that he is the most suitable man to be impartial in these negotiations. Even the most visible opponents of Kushner can affirm that his methods are impeccable, those of a talented young man how never loses his calm.
For his friends and supporters, Jared Kushner is “John Kennedy of our time”. In fact, on his desk at the big office on the 15th floor of 666 Fifth Avenue, were elegance and sobriety describe his character, there are very few items and only two special accessories, a picture of Kennedy and the famous red hat, the most sold gadget during the Trump campaign were you can read: “Make America Great Again”.